• Objective


    Networking group
    for the practice of data science in the energy industry.
    Open forum for
    learning, educating, promoting, and best practices of data science in energy.
  • Mission


    To educate the Energy Industry
    about Data Science and its benefits.
    To educate Data Scientist
    or those interested in Data Science about the Energy Industry
  • Goals


    Provide speakers and presentations
    about data science and energy and its applications in energy data science.
    Acquire data-sets, related to energy
    for the open use of data science.
    Create a fun atmosphere
    that encourages networking, support, advice, sharing, and promotion.
    Learn from peer presentations
    about code, techniques, presentation methods, data visualizations and other items related to the practice of energy data science.

    Meet the board

    Francisco Sanchez

    Francisco Sanchez

    I am passionate about data science because data is the new oil and oil is the old data.

    There is a tremendous opportunity to solve some of our Energy problems through data and the new technologies that are bringing data to the fingertips of Energy companies. Its up to Data Science not to let that data slip through our hands.

    Charles Mathes

    Charles Mathes
    Executive Director of Finance

    It’s about the data, it has always been about the data. Leaders have always made decisions based in the available data.

    Better the data, better the information and by extension, better the decisions

    There is a need for enterprise wide data management strategy in the forms of data governance, master data management, and data security. When there is a high level of confidence in the data, then data science techniques can be incorporated for better information and insights.

    Ultimately, I am a data geek and dedicated to live long learning with a keen interest in data management and data science. It’s about the data, it has always been about the data.

    Chaimie Pewitt

    Chaimie Pewitt
    Executive Director of Marketing

    I am passionate about the connecting people with technology to uncover learning and innovation.

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